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Devon Driving School Testimonials

Brilliant Driving Instructor

‘’Such an amazing feeling passing my driving test first time today which is due to having my brilliant driving instructor Alex Lawson who I’d very highly recommend. He’s helped me to feel calm and build up my confidence to take my test. Alex is very patience and easy to get along with which is great as it makes you feel at ease and this is so important when learning to drive. When I first started learning, I was so nervous but by the end Alex built me up to believe I could pass my test, which I have now achieved. Thanks again Alex’’
Tayde Cornish


Just passed my test 1st time with the guidance from Alex, brilliantly trained, would highly recommend.

To Kingsley

Thank you very much to Ian. Always punctual and very easy going. Great knowledge and tips helped in allowing me to pass so quickly and enjoyably. Thoroughly recommend Ian as an instructor! Thanks again!
Thanks, Alex Brown

Having Ian as my instructor was an absolute bonus

Every lesson was different with the focus on particular areas Ian thought needed polishing and he delivered exactly what he said he would. Ian was always on time and made sure you knew you were his only priority during the whole lesson. He promised to get the pass as quickly and easily as he could and that is precisely what he did. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ian as a driving instructor for any one from the most nervous to some one with experience needing a steadying hand. A very professional and efficient instructor with a great sense of humour which reassures and relaxes which means you only have to focus on learning.
Thanks for everything Ian for a very rewarding experience

Bill Ellis, aged 62

I am 62 years old and not an easy person to teach. I started my lessons absolutely terrified. I truly think that the only person on the planet who could have successfully taught me to drive was Kingsley. It took a combination of infinite patience, constant encouragement, and the ability to teach to bring my training to a successful conclusion. I was convinced that I would never pass this test and yet, within one month, I was trained, scheduled for a test, and passed. What more can I say? I owe a great debt to Kingsley and I am very grateful.

From Jay Reid, Newton Abbot

🙂 thanks noush I’m gonna miss you! Had to make a quick getaway couldn’t go getting teary eyed but honestly thanks so much! You’ve been amazing! Absolute star! Hope I’m one of the more memorable students!! Thanks again!

Donna Lyn Rice

Kingsleys School of Motoring, one of the best driving schools in Devon. When I first wanted to learn to drive, I got recommended Kingsleys by a personal friend. They were so friendly and I found that as soon as I was behind the wheel of this daunting car and all its controls. they made me feel so comfortable.

They never try to push you harder than they feel you are able to go. Took me a few attempts to pass, but I can honestly say that I would not have done it without them. Colin, my Instructor at the time was in the back of the car when I took my test and passed !!! I cannot thank Kingsleys enough for all that they did for me in reassuring and making me feel at ease with my driving.
I would recommend them for anyone wanting to learn to drive in the future.


I had a great time learning to drive with kingsleys school of motoring. kingsley made it fun, stress free and simple. It was good to be able to learn with someone I could have a laugh with. He is very reliableand understanding about any cancellations needed. Kingsley’s name sticks up to his reputation he isthe king of driving instructors!

Sophie Brimacombe, aged 21

I have had my driving license for nearly three years after learning to drive with you, it was a fantastic experience, as I felt relaxed and confident driving. I had lessons any time of day which suited my job brilliantly. The price is very fair, for two hours driving.

Francis Schneider, aged 62

I have been driving for over 3 months thanks to kingsley I am so please to have passed my test as it has given me so much more confidence and freedom. Kingsley is a great instructor and I would definitely recommend him on anyone thinking of taking lessons. He has so much patience and makes the lesson fun.

Jennifer Redfern

Dearest Noush, This is just a little token of  my appreciation.  You have literally been my rock for the last 6 months and if it wasn’t for you I would have given up!  You have helped me SO much and made everything so easy and relaxed.  I will miss our chats, so we must stay in touch.  Thank you so much you’re a true star.  Lots of love Jenn xxxx

Charlotte Battishill, aged 17

Learning to drive was fun, exciting and enjoyable.  Thank you so much for teaching me and most of all giving me the confidence and ability to be able to go and pass my test – with no minors wahoo! 🙂